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The question that plagues Americans is “Do I need insurance?” Short answer: of course you do. Most of us can’t afford the expenses if anything goes wrong medically, with properties, with automobiles or even legally.

Most Common Types of Insurance

Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance is mandatory in the state of Illinois. If you get caught driving without insurance, you can face a...

Auto Insurance

...$500 penalty. If you get caught multiple times, then you are not cut out for crime, and the fines and penalties increase. If you find yourself...
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Home Insurance

Whether you own or you rent, you want to make sure your home and your valuables are protected...

Home Insurance

We at Midwestern Insurance Associates feel a moral obligation to our customers to keep our customers and their families safe and away from...
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Health Insurance

It’s not only important to protect your friends, customers, and property; it’s important to take care of yourself. When people think “Insurance,” they think about...

Health Insurance

property and don’t necessarily call to mind health benefits in general. Many people think these are benefits only available through a job or...
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Central Illinois Dependable Insurance Brokers

Midwestern Insurance Associates is your most trusted Central Illinois insurance broker. Our independent agents specialize in all types of insurance, and because they are independent, they are not tied to one insurance company. We do, however, work with the most common insurers like Blue Cross and Blue Shield.  With our expertise, we can help you navigate complex policies while comparison shopping.

Our office is in Minier, IL, and we serve the following areas:  

We serve all of Central Illinois!

Frequent Questions About Insurance In Central Illinois

There are burning questions that come with the decision to purchase insurance:

The options are endless which means that we can help you tailor the costs and coverage to fit your needs and budget. Think about entertainment. Don’t villains usually rise after they’ve lost everything? Without insurance, you could become a villain accidentally. Relax. Tell us what you need, we’ll do the work, and everything will be fine.

See what our clients are saying about MIA

"Lance has been extremely friendly and helpful with getting our auto insurance plan in place! He went out of his way to educate us on our options to ensure we were getting the right one for the right price for our situation! So thankful for them and HIGHLY RECOMMEND LANCE AND HIS TEAM!"
Maggie Thomas
Normal, IL

What Does Midwestern Insurance Associates Do?

Midwestern Insurance Associates specializes in a diversity of insurance types. We can assist individuals as well as businesses in coverage and protections. Whether you need a personal policy, or you are a business who wants to offer benefits, we have an agent who can help. Have a look around the site to find more information about:

Call Midwestern Insurance Associates today so that you can live your life worry-free.

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