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About Minier Midwestern Insurance Associates

Midwestern Insurance Alliance sprouted from humble beginnings. We are located in the small town of Minier, Illinois. MIA was incorporated in 1981, and we are part of the Insurance Agency and Brokerage Industry. We have been recognized for our outstanding customer service.

About Us

Really, these are all just fancy words to say that we are a family owned business; we are small but mighty. There have been immeasurable changes in the last 30 years, and Midwestern Alliance has ebbed and flowed, and zig zagged to navigate the tumult of an ever changing world, and we were more than up for the task.

Our president, Steve Leesman, has been here since the beginning and knows the industry inside and out. He has had the malleability and foresight to adapt with the times.

Though a staff size of seven seems meager, it actually means that we work together as a family. We care for each other, and we care for our customers, and we care for each other’s customers, which means we can devote time, guidance, and security to each and every one. Really, we’re like a big hug.

Call us for information, or quotes, or just to say hi. We’re here to help.


UnitedHealthcare creates and publishes the Machine-Readable Files on behalf of Midwestern Insurance Associates. To link to the Machine-Readable Files, please click on the URL provided: UnitedHealthcare Transparency in Coverage

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