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Either you’re a fur, feather, or scale parent—and you need some relief from those costly vet bills—or you’re on this page because you can’t believe that people actually take out health insurance for animals. Either way, stick around. It gets interesting.

Seriously, Though, Why Pet Insurance?

Because keeping your pets alive has been a really popular trend lately. There are legitimately emergency rooms for pets (seriously—you can find them in PetSmart and Petco). However, these visits and even general visits to the vet are pretty expensive.

Because in the past years, people have moved more towards rescue animals, and some of these pets may need lots of care and healing. In these cases–or cases of any pet in poor health–paying deductibles, co-payments, or premiums would make more sense financially than paying for veterinarian and clinic visits.

Because pet insurance covers other things that aren’t so emergent, like exams, vaccinations, dental services (for dogs and cats), prescription meds, etc, depending on the plan.

How Does It Work?

As we said, pet health is all the craze. Right now, most insurance companies are set up as reimbursement plans, but as popularity is growing, some insurance companies are able to work directly with the clinics.

Once you find the policy that works best for you and your animal family, you figure out the monthly premium that works best with your budget. Full disclosure, just like human insurance, determining factors for your premiums are age, breed, size, health history, and so on.

If it’s a company that does reimbursement, you will send them your bill, and they will send you a check in the amount determined by the terms of the policy.

Take note that not all pet insurance companies cover more than cats and dogs. Recently, some companies have extended the coverage to include an Avian and Exotic Pet plan. Really, these are just miscellaneous pets: various animals from geckos all the way to the ubiquitous potbellied pig (this is seriously an option).

How Can I Get Pet Insurance Immediately?

I’m so glad you asked. We can give you quotes and comparisons after a few simple questions. Give your beloved pets every opportunity and the healthy life that they deserve. We don’t want Pippen Pig, the friendly neighborhood potbelly, to miss out on anything.

We’ll even show you how to search the internet for “Veterinarian Near Me.” For instance, Bloomington has a plethora of veterinary offices, pet clinics, and animal hospitals. 


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