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Meet the Minier Midwestern Insurance Associates Staff

Midwestern Insurance Associates was founded in 1981.  We are located in Minier, Illinois, but have customers throughout Illinois, and the surrounding states. Employee benefits are our specialty, but we also feature property-casualty and farm departments. Customer service is our number one priority. Stability is very important to us. Most of our staff have been with us for ten to twenty years.

Steve Leesman


Steve Leesman is the President and Co-founder of MIA. He is licensed in all lines of insurance. While he is a jack of many trades, he is the master of Group Health, Medicare and Long Term Care Insurance.

Annette Leesman

Office Manager

Annette Leesman is the Office Manager for Midwestern Insurance Associates, as well as the head of the customer division. She’s been with our company since 1987, and has become the wearer of many hats in that time.

Lance Leesman

Insurance Agent

Lance Leesman is one of our trusted agents and has been with us since 2007. He is licensed in all lines of insurance, and the manager for Property/Casualty Insurance. Lance is well versed in the Bar and Restaurant industry. With all of the recent changes, this is important.

Luke Leesman

Insurance Agent

Luke Leesman is another one of our star agents who has been here since 2011. He is licensed in all lines of insurance. His specializations are employee benefits, including but not limited to group health. However, not to be outdone, he also specializes in individual health insurance.

Jerry Zimmer

Insurance Agent

Jerry Zimmer is the newest agent and has been here since 2013. Rest assured, he had 28 years of insurance experience prior to that. He specializes in property/casualty sales, but his real talent lies in farm and crop insurance.

Jessica Deterding

Employee Benefits

Jessica Deterding is the Employee Benefits Specialist. She’s been with us since 2003, and her focus is on enrollment as well as problem solving group health issues. She also dabbles in the day-to-day functions of the office and assists with customer service.

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