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Employee benefits are usually the second most costly budget item for most employers. We at Midwestern Insurance strive to deliver the most cost effective, outside the box, solutions for our clients.

We also provide personal one on one assistance available to all employees of the firms who purchase their benefit plans from us. Our enrollment and termination team is very experienced, and comes at no extra cost to our employers.

Health Insurance

In 2010, President Barack Obama signed The Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare) into law. This law required everyone to have medical insurance and put provisions in place to ensure that the benefits of medical insurance opened up to people who may not have otherwise qualified. While there is no longer a mandate to insure nor a penalty for being uninsured, health insurance may be the single most important insurance an individual or family should carry.

Who We Offer

Blue Cross & Blue Shield

Health Alliance


United Healthcare


We provide quotes and plans from an array of health insurance companies. We will sit with you to compare the advantages and costs of each company. Insurance costs are generally state mandated, so, regardless of who you chose to do business with (us, another agency, directly from the health insurance company), you will be paying the same rates for the same product. What we can offer is a comprehensive look into each plan. Here are some of the companies we deal with:

Dental Insurance

Let’s face it, nobody likes going to the dentist. The sounds of the drills, the pain, the way you drool uncontrollably for the rest of the day like Richard in Boardwalk Empire. However, ignoring your teeth will cost so much more in the long run, especially if you end up needing emergency care for things like long neglected gum disease. Surgeries and major, complex procedures will cost a lot, so getting coverage for preventive care is what we can help with.

We will give you information about plans that cover minor to major dental problems and preventative plans to get you on track for that twice a year cleaning at very little cost to you.

Coverage & Procedures

A standard dental plan will cover basic procedures like teeth cleaning and preventative exams. They can also cover the majority of the cost procedures such as root canals (shiver), fillings, and tooth extractions. Typically, they will cover half of major procedures such as crown, bridges, and implants.

Basic coverage is kind of like a security blanket. If you have tooth pain or sensitive teeth, you don’t have to ignore it and hope it goes away. You can actually go to the dentist to see what’s wrong for a small out of pocket expense.  This kind of coverage is more popular for individuals and families.

Additional services the plan may cover is pediatric care. Children should start visiting the dentist by 1 year old. Pediatric dentists will make sure that they have healthy gums and eventually teeth. Good oral hygiene at a young age will help prevent major issues later.

Dentures are also covered by many insurance companies, depending on the plan. This would work typically in the same way as orthodontia in that it needs to be specifically stated in the policy as it is not generally part of the basic package.  

Not Typically Covered

Many insurance companies do not offer orthodontics procedures (like braces or Invisalign), cosmetic procedures (including whitening), or some pre-existing conditions (like teeth you lost before you got a dental plan). Unfortunately veneers and implants are also not covered, so a plan covering dentures may be something to look into.

Dentist Offices Near You

One wonderful thing about Dental insurance companies is that they usually have a list of Dentist Offices and Clinics who accept their insurance. This is a wonderful, wonderful tool that saves a lot of phone calls.

Vision Insurance

A trip to the eye doctor is probably the least invasive of the wellness exams. Typical health insurance only covers your peepers if there are major medical issues. It doesn’t cover the cost of routine annual eye exams or subsequent eyeglasses and contact lenses (if applicable) nor their fittings. Vision Insurance, like Dental Insurance, is a supplemental insurance package to cover even more issues that may arise from your body constantly deteriorating. Seriously, your body is kind of fragile.


Basic vision plans cover the essentials like annual eye exams, contacts and glasses, and major eye issues. Some of the more elaborate plans may cover the partial cost of corrective eye surgeries like LASIK. LASIK surgery typically costs between $1000-$3000 per eye, so, really, every little bit counts.

You Know What to Do

While it’s a bit like a broken record, you can count on our professionals to give you the best quote specific to your needs. In the major areas like Bloomington, Champaign, Peoria and Springfield, to the rural towns in between, everyone experiences health issues. Don’t worry. We got you.

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