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Midwestern Insurance Associates does not limit our services to individuals. We can also help you insure your livelihood. If you own a big business or a small business, we can make sure you’re protected from worksite injuries or building or equipment damage in Central Illinois.

Buildings and Property Coverage

Things happen. People drive into buildings, sometimes there are fires, maybe a riot breaks out, maybe it’s way less traumatic and you only need to replace some computers due to a power surge. Our Business Insurance can provide options for coverage of the building, the property the building sits on, and the items inside of the building.

Worker's Compensation

Worker’s Comp is how businesses compensate their workers in the event of a work-related injury. Mind blown, right? This type of insurance is mandatory by Illinois Law anyway, so our job is to find you the best coverage for you.

In the event that an employee is injured on the job, they should have to fill out a claim and submit it to the employer. This not only ensures that the employee is covered for any injury, it also protects your small business from being sued.

Example for fun: Just a random thought that was not influenced by real events probably: An employee shuts a door on the back of their foot and freakishly starts bleeding into their shoe profusely with much confusion (again, just a made up scenario that should never happen in real life). After they find 7 or 8 band-aids to this confusingly vicious wound, they would need to fill out a form which says they can’t sue the business for injuries or lost wages. They can sue the business for things that aren’t covered under worker’s comp, however. Lucky for you, Employer’s liability insurance will pay court costs and legal fees if the occasion arises though.

Liability Coverage

This is just your basic insurance: customer or client injury, legal costs for lawsuits, minor property damages, maybe a couple of other little things depending on the plan. You’ll get used to the word “liability” on this website.

Fleet Insurance

It’s not as cool as it sounds. Or maybe it is. I guess it depends on your business. Basically, fleet insurance is for companies that have two or more vehicles (e.g., cars, vans, buses, mini-buses, taxis, etc) that they have to drive in a V formation at all times. Just kidding. But you can put all of the vehicles under one policy and it’s just easier really.

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